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Quality Is Not Expensive…it's Priceless
Innovation and transformation - The way to Quality
New applications of Basic Quality Tools
Launch at
Asia Pacific HRM Congress 2012
(6th September 2012 ) in Bangalore.
Launch at
Asian Leadership Awards 2012
(25th September 2012 ) in Dubai.
In today’s competitive marketplace, standing apart from your rivals is more important than ever. Customer service and other quality tools are must-haves. Learn how to use these tools to your advantage and sharpen your organization’s competitive edge.

The World Quality Congress will take you beyond conformance to specifications and standards. The World Quality Congress is the forum to learn from experts to find real world solutions to real world problems. Participants will learn more about applying TQM, and Six Sigma. They will learn how to improve operational process, customer service, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction from leaders in the quality industry.

The World Quality Congress is an exceptional educational opportunity that will bring you the latest topics in quality management principles, techniques, theories and implementations. The two-day Congress will provide how-to’s, step-by-step advice, success stories, and implementation guidance on major organizational changes. The Congress is the place to enhance your leadership skills, and to get tips on improving your organization’s effectiveness through implementing quality programs.
The World Quality Congress Offers:
Lamya Kader Shihorwala
Lamya Kader Shihorwala resigned on 30th May, 2013. Anyone dealing with her will do so at his own risk & belief as she is no longer represents or work
Fun & Joy at work.
Dr. R. L. Bhatia
Who Should Attend?
We're independent and not-for-profit and guided by Advisory Council. Our purpose is to make "work and working lives better".
And at a time of unprecedented change, we have the vision, the agility and the strength to make a real difference to the CMO community; business and the economy.

The Entry Fee is Non – Refundable. Entries once sent cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.
    The organisers reserve a right to alter or change the program or its content and title without assigning any reason whatsoever.